How hemp can be valueable for your body

Hi(gh) today we will talk about hemp. I hope you’re fine,  we will dive into some hemp history and uncover some myths and which benefits hemp could deliver our species.  Also, we are going to talk specifically about hemp protein as a natural protein source.

Hemp has been used by our ancestors even if we go back many thousands of years in history. There’s evidence that the Chinese made hemp clothing in the second century B.C. and other ethnicities and cultures like the Vikings quite likely made canvas sails and ropes0 from hemp fibers. It even goes so far back in history that the Egypt population have used hemp. In fact, even the word “canvas” can be traced back to the Latin word “cannapaceus,” what means as much as “made with hemp.”

Many known men in History used hemp. To name a few Christoper Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.
The ropes on and around of Christopher Columbus ship were more than 90% made out of hemp ropes. Hemp fibers have always been known for their flexibility and strength.

Thomas Jefferson smuggled hemp from China to France and then to America.

Many known people used hemp as a cash crop for its versatility use. So did George Washington he experimented with various plants as a replacement for tobacco. He considered hemp but at the end, he decided to use wheat. But he still used hemp as a cash crop he sold it to the Commonwealth of Virginia and used it to build ropes, clothes (and wool for the clothes), and other useful things like for his fishing missions at Potomac River.

George Washington quoted once in a brief to William Pearce his hemp plantation manager at Mount Vernon “Make the most you can of the Indian hemp seed. The hemp may be sown anywhere ”
Even in today’s age, the NAIHC (North American Industrial Hemp Council) lists 25,000 products made from hemp, most products are ropes, clothes, food, paper, textiles, plastics, and biofuel.

The NAIHC is a nonstock/profit organization with the goal of making hemp the common crop before its banning again and it tries to build sort of a community around the hemp growers and gives them a platform.

Cannabis sativa is the plant which can be bred as hemp or as “marihuana” a slang word which we will talk about in this article. The difference between this plants is mainly for what purpose they were bred and depending on this the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) psychoactive content varies.


Hemp seeds and their power

hemp seeds

Hemp powder is a by-product of the cold pressing which is used for the hemp oil process. The hemp protein is called “hemp cake” after finishing the cold pressing process. The hemp cake then needs to get milled into the end product the hemp protein Pulver.

The milling process is done by the machinery. Hemp protein helps against fatigue, strengths your immune system and there is no known record of an allergic reaction to hemp. It is 20% soluble and 80% insoluble.

The Hemp seeds are also a great sources of Vitamin E and B, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.
Most importantly, however, hemp seeds contain exceptionally high levels of the amino acid, arginine, which has anti-inflammatory advantages. Arginine should be consumed carefully if you have herpes as it said that L-arginine is an amino acid that helps to feed the herpes virus. Arginine is an amino acid, hemp contains all 20 amino acids of the human body that mean that it also contains the 9 essential of them.

Hemp processing

Hemp protein won from the cold processing process can be used in food and beverages. The beverage of choice to consume hemp protein is water but it would be advisable to add fruit or some taste to overcome the nutty taste of hemp.

A serving of 1-4 tablespoons equals a normal daily dosage of hemp protein. 30 grams of hemp protein which equals 3-4 tablespoons contains 120 calories. Around 25 to 60% out of the hemp seeds can be protein , depending on the seeds and extraction method.
Usually, there is no chemistry involved in the process of manufacturing the protein.

65%-75% (2/3) of the protein in hemp comes from edestin a globulin plant protein. 1/3 of the protein in hemp comes from Albumin. Albumin is also a globulin protein which you can find for example in egg whites. The backbone of our cell’s DNA is edestin.


If there is not enough albumin in the blood, the liquid floats out the blood vessels in the near tissue. This results in edema (ödem).
Albumin links substances so it’s also known as a transporter of various substances.


The protein edestin is similar to the human body’s own globular proteins found in blood plasma. Edestin protein produces antibodies which are vital to maintaining a healthy immune system and why there are no allergic reports for hemp consumption.

The banning of hemp and marihuana


bann marihuana


Around 1930 there was a lot of revolt because of the immigration of Mexican people in America. They came to America with their native language, habits and values and would soon be victims of a heavy propaganda. In America, it was already common to grow hemp as a multi-purpose plant. But it was also known that there was another type of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

The “Cannabis Sativa Indica” called just Cannabis by the Americans back in the days. The Mexicans, of course, had their definition for this intoxicating plant which hears by the name “marihuana”. (To explain the term “cannabis Sativa indica” This intoxicating plant has 2 main genetical structures which differ from the effect generally Sativa make the user more awake and euphoric were as Indica relaxes the user and brings him in a more sleepy state).

Commonly when analyzing the cannabis Sativa the main focus is about 60 cannabinoids, but two are the most interesting THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis, and CBD, which is an anti-psychoactive ingredient. One type of Cannabis is high in the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, and low in the anti-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD. This type is popularly known as marijuana. Another type is high in CBD and low in THC. This type is called industrial hemp.

The forbidden plant

So the plant growth more in popularity and it was a real threat to the big industries like tobacco, oil, and paper. So 1935 some mighty people planned to ban the crop instead of capitalizing on it ,  they give hemp the image of the criminal go to drug. Sure cannabis is intoxicating in some way but they also forbid hemp with The Marihuana Tax Act in the year 1937.

Before the law was enforced there appeared some propaganda movies that demonized the use of marihuana and especially discriminated colored people of our society. The media also tried to form an opinion against the use of marihuana. But back then not many people now that with marijuana also the hemp plant was meant. Movies like ” Reefer Madness” and ” Assasin of youth”

1970 then the Controlled Substances Act replaced the marihuana tax act from 1937. The Controlled Substances Act lists cannabis next to heroin, crack and some psychedelics like LSD and DMT.


Hemp seed oil usage


hemp seed oil

75-80% of the hemp seed oil fat is polyunsaturated fat. polyunsaturated fat has one or more hydrogens in the chain left then monounsaturated fat. Around 10% comes from saturated fat
You may don’t know.

But Hemp seed oil is known to be the most unsaturated fatty acid source in the plant world. But not only that, Hemp seed oil also contains Gamma-Linolenic-Acid (GLA) a rare fatty acid. Which occurs in 3-4% of the oil in hemp seeds. GLA helps us preventing heart diseases, inflammation, and helps to better skin disorders.

It is also said that Hemp seeds oil also has the perfect Omega 3/6 acid balance. To add my 2 coins to this statement. Several health researching institutions recommend a 4:1 or 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Hemp oil has this 3:1 ratio. This fact carries some people straight to the omega acid heavens. But we have to show the flipside of the coin dear friend.

Hemp oil

You are not going to drink hemp oil only and cover your nutritional needs. The true Art is to balance your omega 3/6 ratio. That isn´t so easy. To master this art you have to know the omega 3 and omega 6 content of the foods you are consuming. If you know this then it’s probably not longer that difficult. But if you don´t here is a little summary of common foods and their omega acid ratio.

Omega 6 – Omega 3
Krill oil 1:12
Salmon (wild) 1:12
olive oil 11:1
sesame oil 138:1
walnut oil 5:1
sunflower oil 19:1
flaxseed oil 1:4
(Flaxseed oil is higher in linolenic acid, but hemp seed is highest in total omega-6 (linoleic) and omega-3 (linolenic) essential fatty acids)

– Delivers (EFA) essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and GLA.

– Lowers blood LDL cholesterol levels

– Lowers blood pressure

– Improves immunity levels.

Plant Protein King


soy prptein

If we talking about the King of Plant proteins there is no way around
hemp and soy protein. Those 2 proteins should be in your consideration if you are eating vegan. Soy has the higher protein amount of these two. But hemp protein, on the other hand, has a higher digestion rate of around 90 % compared to fish 92% and eggs 94% it’s pretty high.

Soy is not cold pressed for its oil as hemp is. Instead of high heat used to process soy destroys the enzyme functions of the protein. Some information sources say that 99% of soy is genetically modified. I think this exaggerated but sure a big amount of soy is genetically modified that should be clear soon as companies like Monsanto are producing their own soybeans.

Hemp is known to be grown without any pesticides and fertilizers. As George Washington said it can grow almost anywhere and has a strong resistance against attackers. That didn´t change till today. Soy seems not so perfect in this regard. Soy counts to one of the foods with the highest contamination by pesticides of any of our foods. Hemp is compared to soy, free of trypsin inhibitors which block the protein absorption. Hemp is also free of oligosaccharides which occur in soy and cause stomach gas and bloating.

Soy types

Fermented soy which has types of nato, miso or tempeh. When you properly ferment soybeans the proteins are more easily digested and its easier for the body to absorb the protein. Soy usually loses a lot of harmful potential to the body when fermented. You can say fermented soy has a completely different nutritional value compared to genetically modified soy. So it´s definitely safe to say that if you consume soy that you should definitely grasp too fermented soy.

If you consume unfermented soy it can lower the testosterone levels if you are a man but not to a significant amount as long as taken in moderation. It also can create an “estrogen dominance” if you are a woman that doesn´t mean you will become more feminine it rather means your hormones will more likely be imbalanced. You should avoid GOM ( Genetically modified) hemp by all means.

But important to know soy is a thyroid suppressor even if fermented.
Soy can´t cause hypothyroidism ( an under of your thyroid gland) but soy can influence the current state of your thyroid gland to produce less thyroid hormone. Which means if you have a hypothyroidism you should most likely avoid soy.
Soy is a phytoestrogen which is a secondary plant substance. It has similarities with estrogen but isn´t entirely build the same way. As plants can´t build human estrogens.

Whey Protein compared to Hemp Protein


whey protein

If we compare Whey Protein with Hemp Protein there are some interesting things we can observe. Whey protein is made during the process of cheese, which starts when certain enzymes are added to milk, causing it to separate out into these constituent parts.

One of the parts is called curds. The curds are used to make cheese, whereas whey protein remains in the liquid portion. This liquid whey is then pasteurized and dried into a powder for various uses, the main use is equipping stores with supplements for people interested in protein.

Whey protein is just as Hemp protein equipped with a great digestion rate. Also, Whey protein is for most people the protein supplement of choice. But that doesn’t mean that whey protein doesn’t have his flaws. But those flaws are rather ethical viewpoints qualitative flaws of a considerable young industry that grow from a cheese byproduct to a Billion Dollar Industry.  The goal of the companies is to maximize their protein extraction rates as high as they can.

Don´t get fooled by numbers

As most people look at the amount of protein and think “the higher the percentage the better for me”. But it´s known that companies people use hexane a chemical substance, to isolate the protein at a higher rate. Some people think higher protein percentage equals higher quality and better usage. It’s good marketing for them which increases win margins at the end of the year. Another known Method is amino acid spiking this method involves the adding of two for the human body useless amino acids like L-Glycine and L-Taurine just to better the statistics and amount of amino acids in the product.

As Whey protein has the better nutritional value with more Protein and fewer carbs. 2 types of Whey Protein exist. Whey concentrate and whey isolate, its said that whey concentrate is of lower quality (with a protein content of generally 25-85%) and the lactose content are lower as those of whey isolate. Whey isolate is the purer form (with around 90% and upwards protein), as the name says which got isolated better. As a result of whey isolate is less lactose to almost none.

So if you’re lactose intolerant it´s your own responsibility if you consume whey protein. If so I would always recommend you to get whey isolate instead of concentrate. But if you want a reliable protein source with no lactose and a high digestion rate of around 90% you should consider the consumption of hemp protein. Which is also a perfect option for vegans which have to avoid whey protein because of the dairy content.
The most used beverage to consume those two types of proteins is water.

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